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Whether you are buying a property in Spain or otherwise planning your personal affairs, we can provide guidance on Spanish taxes to ensure the best outcome for you and your family.

We advise on all types of Spanish taxation and specialise in assisting resident and international clients to sort out their tax affairs in Spain, as well as in providing tailored tax planning advice.

In order to offer our clients a comprehensive service which goes beyond legal advice, we work with a trusted network of accountants and lawyers in Spain and overseas.

Our areas of expertise include:

Foreign nationals – We specialise in advising foreign nationals in Spain (domiciled and non-domiciled) in respect of the tax treatment of their assets and income in Spain and overseas.

Tax structuring – We can advise in regards to the most tax-efficient way to structure a transaction or to otherwise manage your personal affairs in Spain, in a manner which is tailored to your present needs and long term goals.

 Property – We advise sellers and buyers on the applicability of land transfer taxes, municipal sale taxes, capital gains tax on disposals, wealth tax, non-resident owners´ tax, IBI council and income tax on rental income.

Tax filing & representation services – We are registered with the Spanish tax authorities allowing us to file your tax returns in Spain and act on your behalf in respect of all legal matters. Please follow this link for further details.

Corporate & commercial – We advise commercial clients on a range of corporate and commercial taxes, including corporate tax on profits and capital gains, business rates, payroll deductions, VAT and withholding taxes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, or feel free to visit our BF Solicitors blog and Solicitors FAQ section.

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