International Relocations

Whether you are moving to Spain or moving back to your country of origin, we can provide guidance on a range of legal, administrative and tax matters.

We appreciate all the challenges involved in planning and carrying out an international relocation, because we specialise in advising international clients and our many of our lawyers lived overseas before settling on the Costa del Sol.

Our relocation services include:

NIE– We can process all the documentation needed to obtain a NIE (Identity Number for Foreign Residents in Spain). This form of ID is required for all foreign nationals (including EU citizens) residing in Spain or intending to purchase real estate, vehicles or vessels registered in Spain.

Immigration & permits – We can also advise international clients (EU and non-EU citizens) on immigration law, as well as securing residency and work permits.

Golden Visa – We provide a comprehensive service to high-net-worth individuals from outside the EU intending to secure the Golden Visa. Please follow this link for further details.

 Private client matters – We build a long-term relationship with our clients. Therefore, we can advise on all major legal and tax matters that may arise a result of your relocation.

Vehicle importations & driving licence – We can advise on co-validating your UK driving, as well as any taxes and customs duties applicable to any vehicle importations and registrations.

Retirement in Spain – We can advise on the tax and legal treatment of pension entitlements in Spain and from overseas, as well as the tax treatment of your assets in Spain.

Setting up a business – Many of our clients desire to start a new life in Spain by setting up a business. We can advise on all key areas, including incorporating a company, complying with regulatory requirements, drafting contracts, employment law and tax. Please follow this link for further details.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, or feel free to visit our blog and Solicitors FAQ section.

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