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Whether you are starting or purchasing a business or are considering incorporating a Spanish company, we can provide guidance on all aspects of Spanish corporate law, as well as commercial contracts in general.

Our team of Spanish and international lawyers have considerable experience in advising companies and business owners in Spain and overseas. In addition, we work with an international network of accountants and lawyers in order to deal with all complexities, enabling our clients to focus on their business and avoid any unexpected surprises.

Our areas of expertise include:

Starting a business in Spain – We can advise in respect of all matters relating to starting a business in Spain, such as incorporating a company, securing licences & authorisations, commercial contracts, employment law and taxes.

Corporate – We can advise on the incorporation of Spanish companies, as well as business & corporate acquisitions, corporate finance, incorporation of NewCos and JVCos and corporate restructuring.

Due diligence – Before proceeding with a transaction, we can coordinate or assist in respect of the audit of a target business’ financial, tax and legal affairs. At the end of the due diligence process we can produce a report in English.

Commercial contracts – We can advise on a range of commercial contracts, including confidentiality agreements, franchise agreements, supply & distribution agreements and joint venture agreements.

Cross-border transactions – Our team of Spanish and international lawyers has considerable experience in respect of cross border contracts & transactions, including joint venture agreements, business & corporate acquisitions, contracts subject to international arbitration and international supply & distribution agreements.

Tax – We provide tax planning advice in respect of your business and commercial activities in Spain, including Spanish corporate tax, VAT, payroll contributions, municipal rates and tax structuring.

Regulatory – We advise commercial clients on a variety or regulatory matters under Spanish and EU law, including competition law, intellectual property law, anti-bribery regulations, administrative law, securing planning permissions and environmental law.

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