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Whether you are a high-net-worth individual desiring to relocate to Europe or an investor who would like to make the most out of a commercial venture, we can provide a comprehensive and tailored service to ensure that your objectives are achieved.

As a result of the need to promote foreign-direct-investment and reinvigorate the real estate sector in the years following the global financial crisis, the Spanish government enacted Law 14/2013 which sets up the regulatory framework for the Spanish “golden visa”. Pursuant thereto, high-net-worth individuals (non-EU citizens) may obtain a one year residency visa if they make a specified investment, such as the purchase of Spanish treasury bonds. In practice, the most relevant specified investment is the purchase of Spanish real estate of at least €500,000 per applicant.

After the one year residency visa is secured, applicants can apply for a renewable two-year residency permit, provided certain criteria are met, such as staying in Spain for certain periods, complying with social-security and tax obligations and showing evidence that the investments have been held for the required period. Provided all criteria are met and administrative renewal requests are duly processed, it may be possible for applicants to ultimately secure Spanish (EU) citizenship.

In addition to the benefits of residing in Spain, golden visa holders can travel with ease within Schengen Area countries; that is, most of the EU (with the exception of UK and Ireland), as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

Our solid record in advising high-net-worth investors and our solid professional network across Spain, allows us to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, which includes advice in regards to the investment transaction and compliance with all administrative requirements.

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