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Whether you are facing a difficult episode, such as a divorce, domestic violence or loss of capacity of a family member, as well as a positive episode such as marriage and the birth or the adoption of a child, we can provide guidance of all legal areas affecting you and your loved ones.

We can help in all family law areas, including:

Marriage & civil partnerships – We specialise in in respect of all legal, tax and administrative matters, such as compliance with Spanish legal requirements in order to marry or enter into a civil partnership. We also advise in respect of pre-nuptial agreements or agreements between spouses.

Divorce or separations – We provide guidance to foreign nationals in Spain (whether married to a Spanish national) in regards to all legal, tax and custody implications in connection with a divorce or separation (whether amicable or requiring judicial intervention).

Domestic violence – If you are a victim of violence, harassment or abuse, we can help. We are aware of the difficulties and risk of harm that you and your children may face, so we will act fast and we will be personally involved from day one, including attending before a police station to secure emergency protection measures and ensuring that you are adequately supported when attending before a judge.

Death – We know all the personal difficulties, as well as the legal and tax implications that arise in the event of death of a family member in Spain (or with property or assets located within the jurisdiction). We can provide you and your family with proper advice from the outset, as well as a comprehensive probate service, to ensure that all legal and tax matters are dealt with.

Loss of capacity – We know all the personal and legal difficulties that may arise in the event of loss of capacity of a loved one for reasons such as old age, dementia and alcoholism. We can ensure that the appropriate family member is appointed as a trustee to take care of personal and financial affairs. We have experience advising in respect of Spanish preventive powers of attorney, as well as securing an appointment order from the Spanish courts.

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